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2022 Sustainability Report

We're making a commitment to the planet, because we believe every business plays a role and we want to do our part. Investing in the planet is an investment into our community. "It is a point of tremendous pride to be able to say that we are a carbon neutral company with this partnership. We have always been big believers in our ability to make a positive impact and this is another opportunity to do that." -Dave Spannhake, Founder & CEO of Reunion Marketing

GreenPlaces Carbon Neutral Badge

561 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2022

That's like taking 121 cars off the road, permanently.

Our Initiatives

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

We've offset 561 metric tons of carbon in 2022 - that's like taking 122 cars of the road, permanently. Being carbon neutral means your carbon emissions are balanced by carbon negative projects to eliminate your impact on the environment. Research shows that sustainable businesses have an advantage over others. By becoming a carbon neutral business, you can help fight climate change, increase your company value, improve employee recruiting and retention, build brand loyalty, attract more customers and improve the overall community. Investing in carbon negative projects offers a effective solution to take action against emissions from essential business operations that can't be eliminated.
Green Team

Green Team

Taking steps to help the environment is very important to employees and has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to keep them engaged with their company. A great way to increase employee involvement this is through the creation of a Green Team. This team is responsible for helping to lower a businesses carbon footprint while also picking new energy efficient practices to adopt in the office.

Burnt Mountain Natural Area

This project, which is overseen by The Nature Conservancy, is centered around the conservation and protection of Burnt Mountain Natural Area. Burnt Mountain Natural Area is a 5,408-acre forest plot that will remain “forever wild.” “Forever wild” is the highest available legal protection for land in the United States, meaning that the forest must be protected in its natural condition in perpetuity.

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Northern China Wind Farm

This project includes 33 wind turbines that, all together, produce approximately 124,300MWh per year. The renewable energy is sold to the North China Power Grid, strengthening their electrical grid resilience and expanding their energy sources for generations to come.

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